NBA Schedule Release Date 2023-24

Updated today at 2:53 PM EDT

Typically, the NBA schedule is released middle to late July. This guided our projected NBA 2021-2022 schedule release date. On occasion, the schedule is delayed until early August so that TV networks and the league office can project out and intelligently schedule games at critical times like opening night, Christmas Day, MLK Jr. Day, mid-April etc. It wasn't until Aug 14th 2017 that Commissioner Silver publicly explained that this unusually long delay is directly related to the extraordinarily impactful offseason moves. Seeing that there is no financial implications for the NBA's schedule release date, it makes no sense to rush the process. However, unless we experience another league altering free agency period, we expect the release to come Thursday, July 15th, 2021. The NBA 2021-2022 schedule should be released before the Basketball Hall of Fame inductions. The first place to buy 2021-2022 NBA Tickets is likely to be

Projections Based On Past NBA Schedule Release Dates

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